Why do we make USB-C port batteries?

Why do we make USB-C port batteries?

Rechargeable batteries have been popular for many years, and the public is familiar with the common 3.7V 18650 and 1.2v AA/AAA batteries. Usually a battery charger is needed to charge the batteries, but more and more users complain to us that they always spend some time looking for the charger and that taking the battery charger with them when travelling can be a burden on their luggage.

How to integrate the charger and battery? 

Someone in the industry has tried, such as the USB port Battery , which can be charged by opening the lid, Its advantage is that it doesn't even need a charging wire. It is directly plugged into the USB adapter .but one problem is that after a certain period of time, the metal on the lid and the USB metal are hardly in full contact, causing the battery to fail; In addition, the lid needs to be paid attention to when charging.

So we need to ensure that the current contact is complete, and also reduce the size of the port, especially for AAA batteries.

The following USB-C battery, which we plan to launch in 2023, was created in 2021 and after 2 years of customer feedback and production adjustments, this is what it will look like.

 It can be charged directly using the USB-C cable, no longer requiring a charger. When you travel, you only need to take the battery with you. With 1200 cycles of use, it's important that it's a 1.5V voltage rather than the regular 1.2V battery, meaning it can be used in more devices.

The reason we decided to use USB-C instead of Micro USB is that more and more devices support USB-C, meaning you may have a lot of USB-C cables and we hope you can use them on our batteries, reducing unnecessary cables.

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