A Little Progress on Protecting the Earth

A Little Progress on Protecting the Earth

In recent years, as environmental problems become more and more serious, environmental protection has become a hot topic. Today, let's talk about what we can do for the earth in terms of batteries.

In the battery industry, the problem of environmental pollution in the production, usage and scrapping of batteries has always been a concern. For this problem, we have mainly thought of two solutions. One is to reduce the use of batteries, that’s it , the batteries can be recycled, and the other one is to reduce the pollution of batteries to the environment. With regard to the above two solutions, we have made the following two explorations.

According to statistics,the output value of primary batteries in the global market is about 20 billion dollars each year, which is a huge figure.  If these primary batteries can be replaced with rechargeable batteries, the use of primary batteries will certainly be greatly reduced. So we began to produce and use nickel hydrogen batteries and rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which makes energy can be greatly used to save energy and reduce pollution, so a little progress was made by us.

NiMH battery saves energy, but NiMH battery contains rare metals. To further protect the environment, we use lithium ion battery. Li-ion battery does not contain heavy metals and rare metals. It is a more environmentally friendly battery material. In addition, it has 1200 charging cycles, equivalent to 1200 primary batteries. It is worth mentioning that because of its high cycle times, In the application of some high power consumption products, it has greatly reduced the cost of the battery. In order to make it more convenient and efficient to use, we directly connect the USB- C interface to the battery,there is no need for a battery charger. This design makes charging more convenient and makes the USB C rechargeable battery more acceptable to people. If the more people can accept it, then our environmental protection goal will be achieved faster. In order to reduce pollution, a little progress was made by us again.

We have made progress again and again for the earth's environment, however,in fact, the earth does not need us to save it. We are just saving ourselves, friends, your choice determines the future of the earth, and of course, it also determines ours.

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